Why Senior Citizens Need the Gospel and Church too!

In a day and age where the church is marketed towards 35 year old families, there often is a forgotten generation, the elderly.  They are of great value to the church and the church should be of great value to them.  Because much of church life seems to be aimed at young families and doing, there is a temptation to feel they are not needed and that they do not need church as much as they did when they had their family. However, believers need the gospel whether young or old, and there are particular challenges that senior citizens face that critically demand the gospel and church life. Those of us that are younger can benefit by learning these challenges so that we can better be a part of those elderly in our congregations. David Murray speaks of these challenges in a 5 minute video, it is worth a listen.


Serving Seniors from HeadHeartHand Media on Vimeo.