Valentine’s Day is One Week Away

This post is to offer help to those struggling with what to do for Valentine’s Day. According to one site, here is a list of some of the worst possible gifts:

  • A large dial bathroom scale
  • A cannister vacuum cleaner
  • Head and Shoulder’s dandruff shampoo
  • A power drill

and some of the best:

  • A day spa package
  • A 3 course dinner party
  • A North Face vest
  • Diamonds

And that brings me to Heather’s and my favorite line of ads running right now:

Finding a Mate

John Angell James offers some great advice to those who are single desiring marriage.

  • No decision of our whole earthly existance requires more of the exercise of calm discernment than this.
  • Be guided by the advice of parents.
  • Marriage should in every case be formed upon the basis of mutual love or affection.
  • Love should respect the mind, as well as the body.  (For those that think this is a new issue because of the media, this article was written in the early 1800’s)
  • Marriage decisions should be ruled by prudence (or common sense).
  • One’s religious beliefs should dictate one’s marriage decision.  (this goes beyond just the generic, he or she must be a Christian)

The full article is much better than the bullet points:

Finding A Marriage Partner

For those who enjoy the Puritans, this article comes from a free quarterly publication from Mount Zion Bible Church called “Free Grace Broadcaster”

Songs We Will Be Learning at EBC

You can listen and become familiar with the melody.  We will be sing each of these in the afternoon service on Memorial Day Weekend.

The Power of the Cross:

[audio: Oh To See The Dawn.mp3]

O Church Arise:

[audio: O Church Arise.mp3]

Speak O Lord:

[audio: Speak O Lord.mp3]

Observation of Words

My mind has been working fuzzy under some pain medication this week, but some of the thoughts have been fun.

  1. Why do emergent people who are all about being relevant use words like Missional? They are often on others for using words and language that the lost cannot comprehend. However, when they use words like this don’t they become unrelevant to the lost and the church? How about language like, Love your neighbor as yourself? That just isn’t as clever.
  2. What does the phrase ‘run like the wind’ mean? Is that an encouragment to run fast or in circles like a tornado? Are you to gust or to be a gentle breeze? Anyone know where this phrase came from?

SunRocket Man

I am so excited about our new phone, VOIP from SunRocket. Check out all the features:

Some of my favorite things about SunRocket:  Unlimited calls for 1/3 of what my basic phone service cost was, Free voicemail that you can check from anywhere you have internet access, plus you can have your voicemail e-mailed to you, free caller ID, and $3 of free international calls a month (at .03 cents a minute to the UK that is 100 minutes).  So far I cannot find any hidden cost or catches.
If you live in an area where it works and have broadband or DSL, I can send you a code that will give you two years for the price of one. Unlimited calls for 9.95 a month! Technology is great.