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Friday is for Fotos: Sledding

With all the snow, we got together with a few friends that lived near by and could get out of their driveway and went sledding!

Friday is for Fotos

Today was the first day of school for Kara and Lauren!

Friday is for Fotos

A few weeks ago we headed to Marietta, OH for a couple days.  Here are some shots of the kids swinging on some grape vines

Kara of the Jungle Lauren of the Jungle Ty-zan

Friday is for Fotos: Guessing Game

Lets see who can be the first one to get it right.  What is this?


Friday is for Family Fotos

Our family has really enjoyed having 10 kittens around this spring!


Last week was the final week of School for the girls. Lauren had a Kindergarten celebration. She received the award for being a good friend, and her class performed several songs they had learned.

DSC_2215 DSC_2217 DSC_2214

Kara received the Citizenship Award during the 1st through 3rd grade awards day


Friday is For (Family) Fotos

I have gotten away from this, but want to try and share a few pictures from time to time. I doubt this will be weekly, but hopefullyat least monthly.


This picture was from our vacation.

DSC_2079DSC_2164Family putt Putt Florida

Happy Birthday to the Man with the Nose Neighbor

Improved Content on Blasted Gourds?


You have to use a picture this classic!

Best Pictures On the Internet

These pictures are amazing.


Friday is for Fotos

Ice on the Window


 This is a shot of an icy window of a hospital room.

Snow Day

Gickr helps you to pimp your myspace

What a great lunch break today!  We love watching Ty hurl himself onto a sled.