Quotes: The Tyler Show

I had one from Kara but have already forgotten it.  I want to write these down before I forget them.

4 Year Old Logic

A few days ago we were at the pet store and Tyler said he wanted a fish.  I replied, “Son, what would you do with a fish?”  Without any pause he replied, “I would let him sleep with me if I had a water bed!”

4 Year Old Trash Talker

This morning Tyler crawled in to our bed and we were wrestling a little.   He got right in my face and with a huge smile on his face said, “I am going to eat you , and it is going to be delicious!”

In other news, apologies about the blog being so slow, it will remain so until June 1.  After that I hope to write a few things and post more regularly again.

Quotes: Tyler and Church Softball

Here is tyler at the first game with the Big League Chew Joe Nuce gave him.
Here is Tyler at the first game with the Big League Chew Joe Nuce gave him.

Tonight was our second Church softball game this season, and it looks to be another fun year.   Tyler, our 4 year old,  is really into baseball and loves to go.  When we were getting ready before dinner he cam up to me and said,

Daddy, I just want to do whatever I can to help the team! I can catch, I can do that.

Then when we got to the game his buddy, Ben, asked him to come play. He told him,

I can’t I have to warm up first.

I just wanted to write that down before I forgot it.


I really need to share one other thing he said recently before I forget it too.  Monday we went out for lunch and I had asked him where he wanted to go.  He said the place with the round things and the bell (Taco Bell).  So we headed off.  As we were passing Pizza Hut he changed his mind.  I told him that he had already made his decision and we were going to go ahead to Taco Bell.  He began to talk back, so I had to get on him.  We got to Taco Bell and he got out and was on the sidewalk and exclaimed,

I am going to die!

Being passed our correction in my own mind and on to something else I asked him why he was going to die.  To which he replied,

Because I do bad things.  I am going to die.

Here I thought we was worried about a car hitting him.

Sometimes 4 Year Olds Can Really Help Pastors

Tonight at dinner Tyler was talking to me.

God wants us to go to church to preach, not to make paper airlplanes

Thanks Tyler, I really need the first two statements:

  1. God wants us to go to church
  2. To preach

The last one is helpful too, about not making paper airlplanes, but not quite as helpful of a reminder to me.

Friday is for Family Fotos

Our family has really enjoyed having 10 kittens around this spring!


Last week was the final week of School for the girls. Lauren had a Kindergarten celebration. She received the award for being a good friend, and her class performed several songs they had learned.

DSC_2215 DSC_2217 DSC_2214

Kara received the Citizenship Award during the 1st through 3rd grade awards day