25 Days of Christmas Music: Dec 3

What Christmas could be complete without listening to Handel’s Messiah?  It is a must.  We have several versions, but one of our favorites is Handel’s Young Messiah.  It is difficult to find now, but if you happen to find a CD at a reasonable price, buy it!  Now, just because it has the word “young” in the title, it does not mean it is new, as you will be able to tell by the “Big Hair” on the guy and the women.

25 Days of Christmas Music

Tis the Season.  I thought I would start this year by linking to several of my favorite Christmas Albums.  First is a newer album, Advent Songs by Sojourn Music.  This is an album that everyone in our family enjoys.  It takes many classic songs and adapts them with new instrumentation.  The vocals are peaceful and easy.  You can click here and sample some of the songs or buy the album.  Enjoy! [Sojourn is letting Justin Taylor give 2 of their songs away for free! Click Here]

Here is one Youtube video

By the way, this year Amazon is joining in on celebrating 25 days of Christmas Music and is giving away a free song each day. I have no idea what they will be but you might check them out to see if you like any.

25 Days of Free Christmas Music

25 Days of Christmas Music

Last year I posted 25 days of Christmas music here on the blog. Amazon is trying to beat me to the punch this year.

They are giving away Free MP3 Downloads of Christmas music. Don’t worry about this happening, because this is legal free music.

Looks like they are starting with Veggie Tales, but there are a few other items available as well.