25 Days of Christmas Music, December 12, 2013

Each year the group Folk Angel puts out a new Christmas CD.  I have come to look forward to its release each year.  This year’s album is All The Earth Rejoice and it doesn’t disappoint.  The two songs that I find myself listening are Away In A Manger (A fun upbeat version with an added chorus) and Friendly Beasts (A tale of the animals adoration of Christ’s birth).

25 Days of Christmas Music, December 11, 2013 Wednesday Wonder

A Choir is an amazing thing to me, the blending of multiple voices into one, all in harmony. A Virtual choir is amazing-er

This is not music, but here are some helpful Christmas ideas from Life Hacks. These are amazing in a frugal, creative way.

Bonus: Here are 38 More Clever Christmas Food Hacks. This will be the end of these, so as to not get Blasted Gourds blasted for turning into Pinterest.

25 Days of Christmas Music, Dec 7 Saturday Free for All

Amazon is giving away free music for Christmas! You may have to sort through some of it to see what you like or don’t like, but some of them are worth a listen.

I have posted the following video before, but Sara Groves is one of my favorite female artists. As we prepare for worship tomorrow, it reminds us of the truth of Kingdom and hope that came to earth through the Son of God’s lowly birth.

25 Days of Christmas Music, Dec 5, 2013

I really enjoy finding new Christmas songs or updated familiar songs. I am not too familiar with the group “Sidewalk Prophets”, (turns out the lead singer and one band member went to college here in Anderson, IN) but they have a nice sound and hey it is hard to not like a song that begins with Linus from Peanuts reading the Christmas story. This is one of my early favorites for new Christmas songs this year.

Here is the story behind the song

25 Days of Christmas Music, Dec 3, 2013 Terrible Tuesdays

Terrible Tuesday Christmas Music is here. What a flood of Christmas memories and nostalgia “Dominick the Donkey” brings rushing back. Okay, none. That is why it starts off our Terrible Tuesday Christmas music this year. One would have thought that putting a cute animal in a Christmas song would make it a sure fire hit, this one was just a backfire. What are your Terrible Christmas song?