Creeds & Confessions by Carl Trueman

While the objection to them is often couched in language that appears to be jealous for biblical authority, there are also powerful forces at work within our modern world that militate against adherence to historical statements of the Christin faith. As the goldfish swimming in the bowl is unaware of the temperature and taste of the water in which he swims, so often the most powerfully formative forces of our societies and cultures are those with which we are so familiar as to be functionally unaware of how they shape our thinking, even our thinking about what exactly it means to say that Scripture has supreme and unique authority. It would be tragic irony if the rejection of creeds and confessions by so many of those who sincerely wish to be biblically faithful turned out to be not an act of faithfulness but rather an unwitting capitulation to the spirit of the age.

In other words, we are impacted by our society more than we think.  Therefore, we should not lean on our own understanding so much or so quickly.  Trueman rightfully asserts that we all are confessional, “the difference is simply whether one adheres to a public confession, subject to public scrutiny, or to a private confession that is, but its very nature, immune to such examination.”  More simply stated, we all abide by a confession, most people today abide by a private confession of their own, rather than one that is agreed upon and tested.

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  1. Good thoughts, Andy (I like it when you put the cookies on the bottom shelf for me!). I am thankful to have a comprehensive, time tested, and biblically sound public confession, it serves as a solid doctrinal mooring. I’ve lived most of my life without one, public anyway, and the water was definitely murky.

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