The Greed of Socialism has Cost Me My Twinkies

We hear so much about the greed of Capitalism, but greed does not exist because of a system, it exists because of the sinfulness of the hearts of men.  Therefore greed exists in every system and every culture, and every social class.  This week we read that Hostess is declaring bankruptcy because of a failure to reach an agreement with it’s union workers over wages and pension.  It had told it’s employees if they could not agree on a restructuring of the contract, then they would be forced to close. Yet no agreement could be met.  Now 18,000 jobs are lost, and maybe Twinkies.  The workers believed they had rights to a greater portion of the wealth of the company.  The company was declaring they could not make a profit as a business if things continued the way they were going.  The problem was not sales, they are about $1.5 billion, which seems like a lot, except the cost of making the Twinkies exceeded that.  The rights of the workers had taken away the rights of the business to operate in a profitable way.  Now, because the rights of the powerful business were taken away, everyone loses, again.  Who is the greedy one now?  Probably both the workers and the business, but in the end the greed of the workers may have cost us an American icon, and them their jobs.   Whenever one declares the absoluteness of their rights, someone else is forced to give up their rights.  When you take away the rights of the one who provides for you by declaring your own rights, you may also be destroying yourself.

This leads me to where this all stems from.  Man has been trying to declare his free will/choice, over God’s sovereignty, God’s will/choice, since the fall.  The sinfulness of men’s hearts and our pursuit of our rights often go hand in hand.  Therefore, our independence and rights are often self-destructive.   Be careful next time you claim your rights.  (Job 38, Romans 9)  It might cost you more than Twinkies.

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