Proposition 8 Resources

I have found these articles to be thought provoking and helpful in seeing what is really at stake and how we ought to handle recent law changes regarding homosexuality.

Carl Trumen writes:

We can no longer assume our children will just agree with us on this issue; they are going to want arguments for holding that homosexual practice is wrong. We need to go back to scripture and sharpen our swords, so to speak, as we can no longer assume that the cultural bias will play our tune anyway.

Shepherd Press put out this article saying

It is true that the institution of marriage has been savagely attacked. But as long as the Lord Jesus Christ is King of Kings, it is not marriage that hangs in the balance. That institution will go forward because God has ordained it. What hangs in the balance is a nation that will openly flaunt the laws of the King of Heaven and Earth.

Kevin DeYoung gives his insight as well and concludes with some helpful instruction:

We must accept that no matter how hard we try, some people will conclude we are bigots, homophobes, and neanderthals for thinking homosexuality is wrong. Our goal must not be to stop people from viewing us in this way. We can’t control perceptions. Our goal is that those ugly perceptions do not match reality.
No gay jokes. None. It doesn’t help our witness and they’re not funny. Plus, the more we laugh at sin the more it gets normalized.
We must put away “hate the sin, love the sinner” and put homosexuality in the context of the Bible’s metanarrative of creation, fall, redemption, re-creation. This is one issue just screaming for the bigger picture.
We must be people of hope not despair. We know the Lord and he knows us. This is not the worst crisis in the history of mankind. Homosexuality is sinful, but God specializes in sin. Look at what he’s done with us.

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