Reasons to Go To Sunday School

These are helpful things to consider about why one should go to Sunday School if your church has such a program in place. Going to Sunday School will not make one righteous in and of itself, nor is it a measure of righteousness in and of itself. However, it does have value in church life and in individuals.

  1. You delight in God and therefore want to learn more of Him and be around others who delight in Him. If your heart beats for God then your desire for learning more about him should be natural.
  2. You are to be seeking first the kingdom of God and this is one way of keeping focus.
  3. You love Mindy and Mark (plug in the name of someone in your church). No really. How fair is it to them, if they make the effort, prepare, and then don’t have anyone else to fellowship with, challenge, and be challenged by. This is a secondary motivation, but Scriptures teach us to love others above ourselves and in loving them we show our love to Christ. Do you love Mindy more than yourself? Do you love Mark more than your extra hour of sleep? More than staying out late on Saturday night? More than your hobbies? Can you see the me centeredness vs. otherness?
  4. You want to make your pastors/teachers job more joyful (this is to your advantage according to Hebrews). Healthy pastors love seeing your faces, hearing your feedback, being challenged by your questions and responses. Hebrews 13 tells us to make our shepherd’s job a joy. Attendance is a great place to start.
  5. What else are you going to be doing at 9:30 AM on a Sunday? Redeem the time, don’t waste it. Figure out what is keeping you from here and begin to think about giving an account of your life in light of that motivation and action.
  6. It ensures you will be on time for the Worship Service and even helps in the preparation of your heart for that time.

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