Postmodern Mindset Hits Again

I was driving home from work yesterday listening to the radio, when a DJ rudely interrupted my listening pleasure (side thought: I love hour long music sets with no talk, but fifty interruptions to let you know what station you are listening to and that this is an hour long music set with no talk). Anyway, the DJ announced that we had our crisis of the day and to call in with “your thoughts”. Evidently there was a 13 year old who was wanting to be put on birth control, but her mom would not let her, so her cousin gave her her’s. Wow! what a story. I turned the radio off at that point. My question was to myself, at what point did we as a society start calling in to DJ’s (trained in how to talk in a deep voice and run sound equipment) to ask advice on life’s difficult questions? Even greater, when did we call in so we could be given advice from people we have no idea who they are and actually call in to these radio shows? This happened to be a secular radio station, but lets face it Christian radio call in shows aren’t a whole lot better. Then it dawned on me, this is the post-modernity they taught about in seminary. We want to hear about experience and opinions, but not truth! We would rather take a poll of everyone’s opinions and see which we like better, than to get advice from someone we know is going to give us the truth. We live in a society where we tell our problems to everyone and anyone, except those that can really help. The role of the Pastor has been so diminished that they are a last resort instead of the first. The role of parents has been so degraded that communication there is difficult, so we seek our peer group. We question everything and every authority to the point that only those with no real authority have the greatest voice. Even greater, the Word of God has been de-elevated to the point of it being just another good opinion, rather than the first and last word of authority on how to live life and what is right and wrong.

So, I leave you with this question: Do you think like a Christian or do you think like the world?

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