Modesty: Men

Christian men need to be careful to be humble in appearance as well, but maybe the greatest way in which modesty affects men comes in the area of attraction. By our nature we are often most attracted to that which is immodest, so we must train ourselves to not be.

´╗┐Romans 12:2´╗┐ Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Melody Green (Keith Green’s wife) writes on the subject of modesty in an article entitled “Uncovering The Truth About Modesty”:

Essentially, the Scripture in 1 Timothy says that it’s all right to dress however you want to, unless you are making a claim to godliness

Therefore, if we as Christian young men do not retrain our thought life and what we are attracted to, we will be attracted to women that are not making a claim or primarily concerned about godliness. In turn, and I do not say this to give young ladies any excuse or escape from doing what is right, we may mislead some young ladies and cause them to think they have to dress immodestly to get our attention. Young men, train yourself to be attracted to girls that are modest and godly, for this pleases God.

Husbands have a responsibility in this area as well. We should not encourage or demand our wives to dress sexy or immodestly. There is a temptation to want the one next to you to turn the heads of other guys. We must be careful that we encourage godliness to be the chief beauty of our wives, and continue to put it forward as the most attractive thing in our eyes.

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